Radical Fencing FIE Approved AEROLITE soft foil shell pad

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RADICAL FENCING has reimagined the newly required women’s foil shell guard. Radical's new AEROLITEtm Women’s shell guard attachable directly to your plastic shell features an innovative 3D fabric that has been approved by the FIE to meet new regulations for women's foil. Radical’s AEROLITEtm shell guard is lightweight, supple, washable, moisture wicking, and anti-microbial material. The AEROLITEtm is attached and removed easily from your plastic shell. The AEROLITEtm comes in white or black.

This simple and sophisticated design is FIE approved and is another advance Radical fencing’s design team has created. The AEROLITEtm is designed and made in the USA and can be used on most women's plastic shells (they offer four-way stretch and can conform to most shapes and sizes) along with Radical’s RADtm colorful replacement shell straps.