Proudly Designed & Made in the U.S.

Proudly Designed & Made in the U.S.

Radical Fencing loves fencing. We are transforming the way fencing equipment, fencing apparel and even how the fencing floor surfaces are designed and made. Although we have just begun our journey, we have already developed revolutionary patent-pending products and designs that utilize more advanced materials for fencers to use and enjoy.

We started Radical Fencing because we felt that fencers need and want new technology, better designs, better value, and a closer relationship with the brand they are buying from—with Radical Fencing you can and will have it all.

Many of our competitors’ popular products are manufactured outside the U.S. with lower quality materials and no environmental constraints. At Radical Fencing, we are committed to bringing to fencers products built with new technology, made of high-end materials, using clean best practices, and made under exacting U.S. and/or E.U. standards.

Based in New York City, Radical Fencing brings this all together to create an energetic company in a city where fencing has a long legacy. Our founder Philippe Bennett, a long time national and international fencer and active member of the USFA and fencing community, seeks to continue this legacy and is inspiring the creation of new, high quality, beautifully designed and reliable products.

Our Love It or Return It Policy makes it certain you’ll love your Radical Fencing's products or we’ll do what we can to make sure you do or we will take it back. We are the equipment and apparel we make and sell.

Making fencing fun, putting smiles on peoples' faces and creating and selling quality is our commitment!

Fencing is Radical… Fencing is Life!™