Modular Flooring

by radical fencing

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U.S. Pat. No. 10,518,154
U.S. Pat. No. 9,506,257

Our Fencing Flooring System has been awarded  

U.S. Patent No. 9,506,257 

U.S. Patent No. 10,518,154

The Peak of Innovation

Radical Fencing introduces you to a new high performance fencing surface!

In collaboration with a leader in the athletic flooring industry based in the U.S. with a world-wide reach, Radical Fencing's Modular fencing floor system answers some of the difficulties fencers face on traditional floors.

Radical Fencing sets the bar for high-performance standards for fencing surfaces with a flooring system that is shock absorbent and resilient, and may be installed either temporarily or semi-permanently, if not permanently, on many different existing surfaces in order to enhance the stability and comfort of the fencing playing field.

Have you ever entered a fencing venue where you know, before the competition even begins, that the jointed or rolled metal strips put directly on hard concrete floors are going to wreak havoc on your shoes and joints?

Radical Fencing integrates the cutting edge flooring technology currently found in college and professional indoor basketball, volleyball and handball arenas, but never before used in fencing. By combining a specially designed grounded flooring system that maximizes shock absorption while providing a strong, tactile playing surface, Radical Fencing aims to reduce the harshness of traditional flooring, even concrete, and minimize the potential hazard of raised edges of metal strips.

Beyond the benefits our system offers to athletes, we provide fencing clubs owners and tournament organizers with a new floor system that truly makes any surface an arena for fencing. Easily assembled and disassembled without damaging the floor beneath it we create the optimal fencing floor for everyone, from the newest beginner to your seasoned veteran.

Completed Projects

Columbia University
(New York City)

"'We are confident that with our newly renovated practice facility, our program will keep striving for more success and more championships,' Columbia Fencing coach Michael Aufrichtig said.

Another new feature of the room is its flush surface, as all fencing wiring is now hidden under the floor. Fencers can now run from one end to another without tripping or having to step up and down from the strip to the non-fencing surface."

Columbia opens Brand-New One-of-a-Kind Fencing Room

Cetrulo Family Fencing Center
(St. Benedict's Prep High School)

"The company designing many elements of the room, Radical Fencing, is committed to give to fencers what they say all fencers deserve: the best equipment possible.

'We are going to do the best we can to return this program to being as competitive as possible on a yearly basis,' said Fencing Coach Rich Molina ‘06. The new room has ignited a new enthusiasm to achieve that goal."

Cetrulo Family Fencing Center: New Room Brings New Enthusiasm to Fencing Team

Elite Fencing Academy
(John's Creek, Georgia)​

"Can we please get a round of applause for Radical Fencing? Coming all the way from New York, it has been an honor for them to work on our facility!"

Elite Fencing Academy

La Jolla Fencing Academy
(San Diego, California)​

Great fencing spaces get noticed by press and local communities:

"This may not be what you think of when you picture a "club." Yes, there are fencing clubs right here in San Diego."
-CBS News 

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Newark Academy

"I was thrilled to see the excellent work, and heartened to think of the many student-athletes who will be inspired by the quality of their facility. "

Private Home Installation

Radical Fencing does custom projects for any space.

For lower cost than most pools, fencers can enjoy bouts in their own home atop the patented Modular Flooring system.


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