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At Radical Fencing, we are proud to sponsor athletes and help them achieve their goals. Radical is a company dedicated to casual fencers, Olympians, and those pursuing their Olympic dreams because everyone should have the best equipment possible.

Adam Mathieu

Adam is a recent graduate of Columbia University where he won 2 NCAA team titles and all-American individual honors twice. With 3 top 64 finishes at Grand Prixs and World Cups this season and ranked 127th in the world, Adam has consistently proven himself on the international circuit.

Off the strip, Adam is also a selfless and engaged member of the fencing community.

We are incredibly proud to support Adam as he continues to pursue his passion for fencing and his Olympic dream.

Madison Zeiss

After finishing a decorated NCAA career at Notre Dame, Madison has gone on to pursue her dream of making the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

 Currently ranked 9th in the US and 115th in the world, we are excited to support her on her journey as she continues to go for the gold.



Eli Schenkel of Team Radical Fencing

Eli Schenkel

Eli is a Canadian foil fencer who made the top 32 at the 2015 World Championships. After almost qualifying for the Rio Olympics, Eli took time off to earn his masters from Durham University. He returns to the international circuit this season.

His goal? "To be the greatest foilist in the world."





Natalie Vie

Currently ranked #4 in the US for women’s épée, Natalie says that, for her, fencing is about more than just results. It’s a journey of passion, growth, and self-discovery that’s inextricably interwoven with her pursuits in yoga and meditation. We’re excited to join her on that journey.


James Kaull

We asked James what drives him and he said: "My curiosity for improvement motivates me to continually strive for personal growth. There's still a tremendous amount to learn about the sport, competition, and myself. The sport of fencing has shown me how to transfer that pursuit to the parts of my life that don't involve a sword. I'm working towards the big Olympic stage and enjoying each and every hurdle in between."

James's mindset has brought him success on and off the strip. We're proud to support such a uniquely passionate and driven athlete



Jake Hoyle

A two time NCAA individual champion, Jake has just made his debut on the international circuit, where he hopes to build on his success in college. Currently ranked #1 in the United States for Mens Epee, Jake says he draws his inspiration from his family who sacrificed so much to give him the opportunity to pursue his Olympic dream. 

We are incredibly proud to welcome Jake into our family and to help support his journey! 


Cooper Schumacher - Team Radical

Cooper Schumacher

In 2017 Cooper was the Individual NCAA Epee champion and a member of Team USA at the world championships. After graduating from St. John’s University with a degree in marketing, Cooper decided to switch coaches as well. This change came with a period of adjustment but he says he’s gained a deeper understanding of the sport which will drive his future success. His dedication to better himself through hard work and reinvention align perfectly with Radical Fencing’s mission and ideology.