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RADICAL FENCING introduces another improvement: the Active Dome line of face masks— designed for athletes! Protective, Comfortable & Washable.

Included in the package is an additional layer of filtration that can be inserted into a pocket on the innermost lining for increased protection and can also be replaced. 

Made of:
•Advanced U.S. antimicrobial 3-dimensional spacer fabric with an environmentally friendly zinc-based technology
•An integrated micro-denier yarn liner for softness and comfort
•Engineered interior for easier breathing and talking
•Adjustable behind the head strap system that allows the wearer to have a secure fit
•Light weight durable and water repellent outer fabric
•Washable, reusable and continues to perform even after dozens of washings

• Available in white, black and special order colors
• Made in USA component fabrics by a mill in North Carolina.

Bulk Discounts:
(15% off orders of 50+ )

(20% off orders of 100+ )


In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, the United States Fencing Association has implemented guidelines for in-person fencing activities which include the use of face coverings. This mask is appropriate for fulfilling those guidelines. 

This is not a medical-grade mask and should not be used by health care professionals. It is however appropriate for when face coverings are required. 

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