Mail in Equipment, Armory Service Kit

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Here's how it works: 

1) We send you a box and a prepaid return shipping label. 

2) You put your broken weapons in the box, fill out the included form saying what's wrong with them, and send it back.

3) We fix your weapons, then email you an invoice for the repairs and shipping. 

4) We send back your fixed weapons.


WE DO NOT FIX BODY CORDS OR MASK CORDS, however, if you include a broken body cord in the box we will give you 25% off the purchase of a new body cord or mask cord for each broken cord included. 

Need to send us more than 20 weapons for your team or club? contact for customized solutions

Box Sizes in feet and inches (L x W x H): 

1-4 Weapons: 6' x 6' x 48"

5-10 Weapons: 8' x 8' x48"

11-20 Weapons: 12' x 12' x 48"


Round Trip Shipping Costs -Domestic USA- (billed in the invoice):

1-4 Weapons: $28

5-10 Weapons: $48

11-20 Weapons: $100


Armory Service Costs (billed in the invoice):

Point fix $15

Foil rewire (French parts): $31

Foil rewire (German parts): $33

Foil rewire + new point (French parts): $43

Foil rewire + new point (German parts): $45

Epee rewire (French parts): $31.25

Epee rewire (German parts): $34.25

Epee rewire + new point (French parts): $41.25

Epee rewire + new point (German parts): $31.25

Any sockets or other parts will be charged at the price listed on our website. If you want specific parts, please indicate so on your order form. 

By sending Radical Fencing your equipment to be fixed, you acknowledge that once we have fixed it, you must pay the invoice in order for it to be returned to you. 

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