Radical Fencing Tote-IT

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The new RADICAL X DEMANO Barcelona Tote

Radical fencing is introducing a water proof tote bag that is weather resistant, easy to stow and feather weight.  Take it as a carry on when you travel, or fold it into your fencing bag.

The RADICAL X DEMANO tote is made for everyday use. With it’s deceptively large size, the bag easily holds all of your equipment. The multipurpose bag can be used for fencing equipment, groceries or even a day at the beach. The bag is also water proof so you can easily use it to stow any wet clothing after a workout or pool session.

The RADICAL X DEMANO tote is composed of excess fabric that comes from the manufacturing of umbrellas. DEMANO, a company based in Barcelona, Spain, sought to create a new but recycled product that would be useful and high quality and Radical believes in creating sustainable products through recycling. Thus the RADICAL X DEMANO tote was created!