RF B Scepter Fencing Bag - NEW Vibrant Colors!

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The SCEPTER is a 100 % new single weapon felt storage/carry case.

The SCEPTER is durable, compact and lightweight allowing it to be readily used to store and protect a fencer's blades in a multi-weapon bag or when simply carrying a single weapon around town.

The strength, resilience and unique properties that its felt construction provides makes the SCEPTER a far better alternative to the old heavy, cumbersome plastic tubes or the thin cloth or leather sheaths.

The SCEPTER's resilience, strength, and lightweight construction certainly makes it a preferred choice, but with its use of felt there is the added benefit that the weapon's point and wire are not only shielded, but the weapon is better maintained.

The SCEPTER comes in multiple vibrant color combinations.
Protected by U.S. Patent D 779,816