RF FA Favero Foil Epee Fencing Buzzer Tester

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Weapon building and testing can be a frustrating task even for the most experienced fencer / coach. We try to make things easier and the RF FA Favero Foil Epee Fencing Buzzer Tester will help.

It operates with an assortment of tones which allow for the user to hear when the point registers rather than looking at a machine (reducing eye strain).

This two weapon tester records 'hits' only if the contact time of the tip is compliant with the FIE regulations, thus guaranteeing a correct measurement. Additionally, it comes with a clip, allowing the fencer / coach to keep it close.

Key advantage: It makes noise. Fencers and coaches know that mistakes can be made and tip screws dropped when looking back and forth between the testing machine and the tip. This product solves the problem.