RF Favero multi-function tester

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Weapon building and testing can be a frustrating task even for the most experienced fencer / coach. Any tool to make things easier is always noticed. The RF FA Favero Foil Epee Fencing Buzzer Tester is a great help.

It comprises an innovative circuit for signaling micro-interruptions of connections so that you can diagnose breakage points. The green and the red light indicate if the circuits are correct. The two yellow lights go off for about 1 sec. at each interruption of the relevant circuit and are therefore useful to show micro-breaks. Power supply: 12V battery included (common radio controls battery A23 or VR22 type). Sturdy case measuring 3.8cm x 5.5cm x 2.9cm.

Key Advantage: When the yellow lights show when there is an interruption in the blade's circuitry. This will give the user a granular understanding of how likely the weapon will register a touch. The difference is night and day for competitive fencers who know every touch counts.