RF FA TELE-FULL-ARM infrared remote control for Favero ARM-05 Machine

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The remote control for the Favero ARM-05 Machine. It allows the referee full control of the bout.

It controls the chronometer, the scorer, the rearmament, the matches, the penalty cards and the priority. Maximum range: greater than 20m if positioned directly in front of the FULL-ARM-05. Innovative transmission system: every remote control has a unique unalterable and inaccessible transmission code. By simply pressing the appropriate key, every FULL-ARM-05 can be programmed to recognize any remote control, but only one remote at a time. This feature gives several advantages: any apparatus can receive and recognize any remote control simply through the pressing down of two keys, one on the apparatus and one on the remote control two remote controls can never operate the same apparatus, so all possible illicit interference will be eliminated; it is not necessary to set the same code on the remote control and the FULL-ARM-05, nor to check to be certain that that code is different from all the others; and; there is no limit to the number of apparatus that can be connected in the same fencing arena. Correct functioning of the remote control is shown by a red light, while correct reception is indicated by a yellow light on the FULL-ARM-05. The remote control operates by using infrared rays. The advantage of infra-red ray transmission is that it is not affected by external factors, as it can occur with the transmission via radio, whose operations may easily be disturbed by transmitters operating on the same frequency, even when located a great distance away. Remote control power supply: the remote control is supplied by a 9-volt alkaline battery. It transmits approximately 150,000 commands. Sturdy aluminum casing in a compact size: 11 x 4.8 x 1.2cm. Weight: 170g. Sturdy membrane keyboard.

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