RF L’ ARTISAN Fencing Epee and Foil Glove

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Radical Fencing and the acclaimed French glove maker Maison Fabre celebrate the 2023-2024 fencing season and the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympiad by introducing Radical Fencing’s new 21st century
L’ ARTISAN  Epee and Foil fencing glove.


Combining the skills and techniques of the artisans at Maison Fabre with technical breakthroughs in leather  treatment L’ ARTISAN glove is handcrafted to provide: a snug fit, 
longer fingers, 
enhanced grip, 
greater dexterity,
while using a uniquely durable and soft, supple and
washable leather. 
L’ARTISAN fencing glove is not only supple but remains so even after it gets wet and dries.
Discrete padding and leather patches are strategically placed to protect the fencer’s hand. 
English stitching is used to avoid the fingers sensing any seams, and bulk has been removed for a sleek look as well as to give the wrist added flexibility. 

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