RF Ultra-Light Electric Foil Jacket Lame

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Made of an extremely fine mesh laminated with conductive silver. The light weight leads to pleasing side effects like unknown flexibility, comfort and additional free moving space. This premium product, combining elegance, comfort and performance¸ was especially designed for the world’s top fencers. Ultra-Light features a golden design and a phenomenal wearing comfort.

Washing instructions:
The lame is machine washable, but only on a delicate cycle at 30°C and with no detergent/washing powder containing bleach. Please do NOT use any bleach to avoid oxidation of the conductive silver in the electric jacket and to ensure a long-lasting functioning.

Most modern detergents contain bleach; we therefore recommend that you only use a natural, BLEACH-FREE soap powder or no washing powder at all. If you are not 100% certain about the ingredients of your detergent, then wash the item WITHOUT any washing agent.

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