RF Square Fencing Wall Target

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Repetition is the mother of learning. The RF Square Fencing Target is the perfect tool for any fencer to build muscle memory to make the foundations of the sport automatic.

The target is built on a sturdy wood base of 3/4 inch cdx medium grade plywood. The surface of the target is a 1" layer of 100% synthetic felt, needled fiber bonded and chemical free, specifically retains its shape after impact. The RF Square Fencing Target is sturdy yet comfortable to hit and will endure practice sessions for years to come.

The target is easily amounted to a smooth surface using Hook and Loop Adhesive Tape (included) or 3M Dual Lock Re-closable Fasteners, or metal brackets. The target design and fabric color can be customized with orders of 10 or more. This product is designed and hand made in New York.

Key Advantage: The RF Square Fencing Target binds to flat surfaces well to make for easy installation (This fencer has it on their exposed brick apartment wall in New York).

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